Thursday, August 31, 2017

Season words 0831 the Great Kanto Earthquake

Of course I did experienced the Great Kanto Earthquake, however my mother and my mother-in-law did.
And, the Great Kanto Earthquake is one of season words in Haiku world, but it is used as "SHINSAI K". SHINSAI means earthquake and K means a memorial day for  someone's death, or something sad.
SHINSAI-ki is used as a season word in autumn so far, but in few years it will be also  used as a season word in spring, because we had HIGASHI KANTOU Earthquake.
SHINSAI-ki (the Great Kanto Earthquake), my mother who is around 85, what is brought back to her?
SHINSAI-ki, my mother-in-law, always starts to talk about the time when she lived in Manchu (in China)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

HAIKU shrine

September is just around the corner. It means fall comes.
Last week I was able to visit a shrine with my friend after a long interval.
And it was the first time to go there with a friend.

This is MAMADA shrine to which it takes one hour by car.
And it is also called Haiku shrine.
I'm not sure why, and I haven't searched the reason.
Anyway there everyone can "dedicate" their own HAIKU for free.

I did it, and my friend also did it.
Can you see some strips of paper? We see Hakiu which written by some one last month.

I don't know what Haiku she made.
I made  that
A rush of cool air, brings us the end (of this summer), leaves smile

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lots of eggs

This early morning, suddenly all Iphones in my house started ding-dong. The ding-dong warned us that a missile was flying  "to" Japan. We turned TV and radio, in 10 minutes a new information came, which was a missile was flying over to Japan. Actually the missile flew over Hokkaido and fell into Pacific ocean.
While the ten minutes, radio was saying try to take over the safe place. But where is the safe place??

Well, well, anyway we had usual breakfast.
Last Sunday Yuki got lots of eggs from his golf friends.
The eggs were brand eggs. So the next morning (Monday's morning) I cooked sunny side eggs simply.

However we have still lots of eggs.
So I made custard pudding yesterday.

Today in the afternoon a friend will come to "practice " the recorder.
I found another new hobby.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Young musicians in Tochigi

I went to listen to this concert which I was known from one of my "young" friends.
"Young friends" means in their 30's.
The musicians in this poster play Japanese instruments.
One of them won a big prize and became popular in Japan.
He made this group with his friends in Utsunomiya.  I hear one of them is his friend from childhood.
And the friend who introduced me to this concert is one of their friend at school.


They are allowed to introduce their Video.

I'm looking forward to listening to their concert whey they are in their 50's.
It means I have to live until 80.

I tend to go to paid concerts which is performed by experienced musicians.
However it is good to support young musicians to go to such a paid concert.
(Though the fee was not so expensive.)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Utsunomiya art museum

Last weekend Yuki and I went to Utsunomiya Art Museum.
There KIGI's exhibition  is being held.
KIGI is a design company (probably) -- it is their homepage.

It is held during summer vacation, so not only for adults even children show interest to a current design world. And to stimulate  and encourage kids, the designers are there. (You can say to promote their products.)
Such exhibition at this museum is rare. So was very interesting.
They allow visitors to take photos, it is also rare.

I bought these plastic bag vase, of course designed by them and made in Japan.

I think they are  very nice to present for friends who live abroad.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Season season Word 0824 Carbonated drink


 Ramune, carbonated drink and soda are all season words in summer. 
 Though Ramune is a kind of Japanese drinks,  the name is delivered from the English word "lemonade".

bottles of Ramune,  being lined up along the window sill, looks cool

with Carbonated drink, wash your hair and head, feel refreshed.
(Nowadays, Carbonated shampoo is getting popular, but it is a little bit expensive, so instead of such shampoo, some people like me try washing our hair with carbonated drink without sugar.)

the bubble of cider, looks cute, though I can't drink
(My grandchild likes to look the bubbles of cider in the clear grass)


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Laughter yoga in August

Some people who visit my blog must have seen the solar eclipse.
How about it?
5 years ago, I saw it here. It was annual solar eclipse.

I found my diary at that time.

Well, well, since then five years have already passed, though my English seems not to be improved.

Yesterday two senior ladies came and did laughter yoga.

As our summer memorials, we introduced our happy, fun, or interesting things in August.

Well, well, we are ladies --- most of things were about food.
The meals at ---- restaurant was nice, we went to Tokyo and to have --- at ---- restaurant.
And all of them were done without their husbands. (This is Japan)
Good meals and fun talk with friends seem to be the most effective medicine to keep our health.

I wrote about Japanese pear.
Unfortunately the first crop of pear was not so sweet --- because of this weather.
I know it, but I wanted to eat the first crop.

So I made pear compote with ginger and honey. I served some after laughter yoga.
Every body enjoyed it.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Usual days have started again.

All tasks in summer vacation were finished. Finally usual days have started.
Now in the kitchen, there are the first crops of Japanese pears.
"The first crops" is called "Hatsumono" in Japanese.
It is said that thanks to having Hatsumono our life-span is extended by 75 days.
(I don't know why 75 days, however it is said the number 75 have a nice ring in Japan.)

Anyway Monday has started with the Hatsumono.
The other dishes are pre-cooked dishes I cooked this Sunday.

I try to spend a day steadily and calmly.
So even though lonely lunch time started, I cooked my lunch steadily. ( I don't know how long it will  last .)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Larughter Yoga

This poster is designed by my daughter. It gets a good reputation.

Though I constantly hold my laughter yoga-club at home once a month, I've never participated another laughter yoga-club.

Coincidently I got information about another laughter yoga-club in this city. The place was not so far. So I too part in it.

It was really fun.
There were two members, so the size is the same of mine.

And ---

I laughed at myself. Because how different the atmosphere leaded by a different laughter yoga-leader.

While I was surprised at them, I was so welcomed --- because I gave a quite different atmosphere to them.

We promised to join two clubs at least once in a year.

Anyway I continue to hold my laughter yoga club. and I need a little bit more attendee.
So I'll post the brochure in each post of my neighbors again --- it is one of my tasks during the summer vacation.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

a book "for rewarding the second life"

Finally this book came.
I knew the book on the newspaper in the late of June.
This is issued from "National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives",
It is a company, but it seems to be a NPO.
The title is "for rewarding the second life".
We can get it for free.
The contents are to introduce many steps to enter our second life after retirement.
Yuki declares retirement from his business life when he gets 60 so far.
Though I want to work more, it depends on him.
Anyway our financial situation will be completely different. So to make a soft landing, we need --- what???
It is written in this book.
First, anyway it is necessary to get to know more about our current financial situation.
And we should start to cut our expending of --- what???
This book seems to be very popular.
I had to wait it for more than one month.
Well, well, to tell the truth, I'm satisfied with having this book.
"We "(means including Yuki) should start with a first step.
Anyway today I'll go to Karaku to play the piano.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Local hot spring

Usual Monday has started. In four days our summer vacation or you can say "grandma & grandpa 's busy work" will have started.
Anyway very humid days have been continued.
Last Saturday we went out to this local hot spring.
This place is run by KIDUREKAWA town, so it costs 300 yen. And it is "MOTO YU", it means the origin of hot spring of this area. so it is very "salty".
There are many kinds of hot spring. Most  KIDUREKAWA hot spring is salty hot spring.
On the way home we dropped by a local farmer market and bought big bread .
The bread is made by local flower.

Yes, Monday has started.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Picking blueberries

While Ah-chan was here, the weather was not so good even though rainy season was finished.
I was going to take her and her mother to the city pool, so my due was going to be a just driver (or you can say chauffeur ). While they were out, I were going to take a nap.
However it was too cool for them to swim.
So I have to take here and there.
It was difficult to stay home all the day  for---- "my daughter".
Of course for my daughter going shopping was must-do.
Well, well, anyway I made a plan. I took them to a blueberry orchard nearby.
Children under three years old can enter the orchard for free. And of course they can pick blueberry and eat blueberry. Additionally we pay for the blueberries which are picked.

My daughter and she entered the orchard. The adult entering fee is 300 yen.
And while they were picking, I had a good time at the owner's house with herb tea.

From the morning after she picked blueberries, putting some blueberries on the yoghurt was her morning chore.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

the season word "overseas travel" 0803

This summer, two of my 10 students (Now there are only ten students in my school), go abroad to participate in homestay programs. They were selected as member of the delegation of Utsunomiya students.
They go to New Zealand.
I don't say , "souvenir, please",  overseas travel
On a luxury cruise ship, overseas travel, with a sigh.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

the pass for A-chan

I forgot to take a photo before trimming the bushes.
Now, of course Ah-chan can walk, and run.
She likes running around our house, and she tends to chose wide rode instead of this small pass.
So we cut and trimmed the bushes before she came.

We were so exhausted and sweated that we had lunch a restaurant nearby.

For some people gardening must be fun.
For us --- I'm afraid that gardening or trimming is still burden.
Anyway while discarding 10 things every week, we have to trim the garden little by little.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


At Korean restaurants( in Japan), tongue is popular. There thin slices of tongues are served.
This is not a Korean style.
Sendai is famous for tongue dishes, such as tongue stew, grilled tongue, etc.
And recently the weave is coming to Tochigi.
A new restaurant where grilled tongue is served opens.

To tell the truth, it is not so inexpensive.
However I had a good excuse to have it.
I need to get much more power to take care my Ah-chan.
Before she came we had had it.
And after one week, she went back to Tokyo.
Today I'll go to a concert with my friends --- it is a good incentive.