Friday, August 04, 2017

Picking blueberries

While Ah-chan was here, the weather was not so good even though rainy season was finished.
I was going to take her and her mother to the city pool, so my due was going to be a just driver (or you can say chauffeur ). While they were out, I were going to take a nap.
However it was too cool for them to swim.
So I have to take here and there.
It was difficult to stay home all the day  for---- "my daughter".
Of course for my daughter going shopping was must-do.
Well, well, anyway I made a plan. I took them to a blueberry orchard nearby.
Children under three years old can enter the orchard for free. And of course they can pick blueberry and eat blueberry. Additionally we pay for the blueberries which are picked.

My daughter and she entered the orchard. The adult entering fee is 300 yen.
And while they were picking, I had a good time at the owner's house with herb tea.

From the morning after she picked blueberries, putting some blueberries on the yoghurt was her morning chore.

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