Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 2008

January; My elder daughter's 20 years old celebration. She wore my FURISODE (special KINOMO).

February; probably nothing special, usual calm days.

March; my daughter's graduation ceremony. Anyway until this month there were 3 members in my house.

April; New life started. While I was free from making lunchbox for my daughter, preparing meals got troublesome, especially for my only lunch and supper. So I decided to make a kind of meal box( not only for lunch, for lunch and supper) for myself early morning --- but ---(don't ask me.)
May; I planed to hold a concert in summer.
I started to take English pronounce practice lessons once a week in TOKYO.
An American lady came to stay with us.

June; I suffered from "big" tooth trouble.

July; I started to read English picture books at a nearby library once every other month.
August; My first 'big' music concert was done.

September;---nothing special??? My mother-in-law moved to a senior center, so most of weekends we went to TOKYO, or she came to stay with us.

October; three Mongolian girls came to stay with us.
November;Another music concert on Christmas was asked.
I'm suffering from slight fever and toothache.
Teaching English at a nearby elementary school started (not every day)

December --this month;
Christmas concert was done.
Reading picture books at a nursery school as a Christmas event was done.
Teaching English at a nearby elementary school was almost done. ( I'm going to go there twice in January)
And yesterday my usual lessons in this year were done.

The things we have to do or we should do are cleaning, and making something for New Year's meal using these vegetables (My friends gave me).
Additionally another friend gave me "dried persimmons".

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surpring Christmas Dinner

Yesterday, it was Christmas Eve. On my schedule I was going to spend the night alone. I though it couldn't be helped.
But, my husband came back straight here from his business trip. At Tokyo Station, he called me,
"Now I'm at Tokyo Station, do you want something for Christmas dinner?"
So I asked him
"we need chicken and cake"
a few minutes later he called again
"it was really crowded, and if I wait for line, next bullet train is 1 hour later"
So I said
"OK, buy them at our station"
one hour later he called again
"Every cake shop is crowded, and Ken**** is also crowded, is it OK to buy chicken at Lo****?"
So I said
"No problem, so buy cake at a nearby supermarket"
a few minutes later he called again
"In this super market Christmas cake is not dealt, is it OK to buy usual pieces of cake"
So I said
" No problem, it is better to use much money, small pieces of cakes are enough for us".
And he came back , we had a small party together. It has been 21 years since we spent Christmas together.

Additionally, though the cake cost not so expensive, so he bought his favorite SAKE instead of giving change to me.
And today , it is Christmas Day. I have lesson at night. 4 junior high school students are going to come. Now I'm wondering whether I buy discounted Christmas cake at a supermarket for them .

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas week starts

From today, each kids is able to take back their own pinata with lots of presents to home.
Each of them doesn't know what snack or gadgets or ornaments are inside. It is fun.
On the other hand, we are making Christmas cards.
Some kids don't like drawing, so I suggested them "cut some illustrations or photos on leaflets and put them on the card".
Girls' cards are cute, and boy's cards are fulled with presents that they want.
So the boys write (I wish) "Many Presents" on the card instead of "Merry Christmas"
It has no problem.
Meedings of reading picture books at nursery schools, and a liblary were done.
Musci concert was done.
I have only one big job this year. My lesson at home is going to be finished next Friday.
I'll enjoy these 7 days with kids!

Monday, December 15, 2008

One of big jobs is finished.

Yesterday we had a concert, and thanks of everyone it was a success ( I think).

Everyone llistened to us eagerly, and when I tell a short story to them, sometimes I saw them laughing.

There were some kids, so I read and sang "Jingle Bells". A kid said "in this book, not reindeer, a horse pulled sleigh."

This comment made me surprised. And I noticed that the song of "Jingle Bells" is consider to be a song for Santa coming on his sleigh pulled by reindeer.

What do you thing of it?

Anyway one of big jobs is finished. Another big job for me is to go to an elementary school to teach English next week.

When both of them are finished --- my winter vacation is going to start. It means I'm also busy as a mother and a daughter-in-law.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are waiting

We are waiting for your ?????.

Who are "we"? We are apple pinatas.

You can see lots of apple pinatas. They are not big UMEBOSHI (Japanese sour apricots), not TAKOYAKI (popular snack for kids), they are apples.

Most of students made their own pinatas (some students are not yet because they have a cold so absent from last classes.) Now the pinatas are waiting for something little presents. Until next week every student are going to bring something and put them into each pinatas. And they are going to bring their own pinatas on Christmas as a present.
Another thing is also waiting --- for spring. The other day one of my friends sent me some turip bulbs. I put them into a planter. Yes they are also waiting for spring.
And still now I have been a cold. but not so bad. I'm also waiting for spring.
I'm really bad at coldness.
But, winter vacation is just around corner. During the winter vacation there are four members in this house, though only 5days.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

December is just around the corner.

First I'll tell you about vegetables. The Mongol high school girls didn't like broccoli (or green vegetables), but now it is a season of broccoli . Some friends give me their home-grown broccoli. It is a really thankful thing, but --- I'm little bit tired of them.

And Turnips are also another seasonable vegetables. We love the leaves of turnips. When we boil, saute, or simmer them, they taste a little bit bitter, but we deep-fry them the bitter change into moderate bitter.
What are the seasonable vegetables in winter?

From next week, December starts. December means Christmas for kids, and cleaning for me.
Anyway I prepared something for Christmas.
In my class we are going to make apple pinatas and everyone is going to take one back to their home as a Christmas present. So I made lids of the pinatas. The green things are not candles, just twigs.

And fortunately I'm asked to read English picture books at some schools, so I chose these books.

Christmas is now, a world festival. In Mongolia, most of them are Buddhists, but they were affected by the Russian Church, so they celebrate Christmas 1st on January, and on the eve (31st on December) an old man with white beards called "tsugan ubugun?", kind of Santa comes and gives presents to kids.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I have been a cold.

Today, I'm getting better. Last week I was suffering from slight fever and dizziness. Anyway I did all events. The big event was home stay of two Mongol high school girls.

It was fun! They were actually "high school kids".

To say the result, they didn't like vegetables as usual kids. I asked them " do you eat salad?".

They said "yes".

So I served green salad with tuna. They picked only tuna.

I asked them "is it different from Mongol salad?"

They said "yes".

Their "favorite" (later I knew they have green salad in Mongolia) salad means potato and ham salad with mayonnaise.

Next morning I served broccoli as a host "mother". Of course they don't eat. Their faces wore frown.

I asked "do they have broccoli in Mongolia?"

They said "yes, but I don't like them, though my mother tell me to eat them".

In Mongolia, they have such sentence, "eat carrots more, and you'll be tall".
On the other hand, they love "rice". So we had no problems except green vegetables.
I baked chlorate cake for breakfast, they ate 3 pieces.
Sweets are popular in all kid's world, aren't they?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

October has gone, and November has come.

The last week of October I named 'Halloween week". So instead of usual lessons, my students and I baked cookies and exchanged them saying "trick or treat". And the last day we baked pumpkin pie, but unfortunately some pies were burnt. (but we could eat inside.)
In autumn we can get many kinds of fresh fruits. Some people are worried about my situation saying "Do you eat enough?". Because they know I have me
als alone. So, they bring some saying "here you are, though only one". So, on my table, there is one big Japanese pear, that is called NIKKORI, and that is a special product in this area. They are twice as big as usual Ja
panese pear. There is some persimmons , there are 4 apples that grows in this area. There are some tangerines. And today some kiwi fruits were sent . They were wrapped in straw. They are still hard. So I have to let them sleep in straw nest for a while. The straw were also made (grown) by the friend.
This week end here and there some festivals are held. My husband and I went to a Jazz festival. Do you know Watanabe-Sadao who plays the saxophone. He was born in this city. And his brother also plays Jazz as a drummer. It was the first time to hear his play. And to be surprised he was over 70. His play doesn't look passionate, but the sound was really exciting and full of beats.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Table tobics

Yesterday I attended a Toast Master meeting. There I was in charge of table topics.

When autumn comes, we hear or see these four expression here and there, autumn reading, autumn for art, autumn for sports and autumn eating. As you guess, I "love " eating, though not so much, and don't like "cooking" very much.
We'll focus on autumn eating.

The first theme is, what food do you thing of immediately when you hear the word of autumn?
The second theme is, do you have any food you tasted first for these five years?
The last theme is , what food would you like to serve when a foreigner guest stays with you, and the foreigner comes to Japan for the first time?

Some members made a speech about the themes.
I'll write my speech.
About the first theme, it's vine of sweet potatoes. Because this year I knew and ate for the first time vine of sweet potatoes.
About the second theme, it's rhubarb, this year I planted some rhubarbs, and got delicious jam.
About the third theme, actually I'm going to have two guests from Mongolia next moth, I'll take them to eat GYOZA (pot stickers) and cook OKONOMIYAKI for them.

I'd like to hear your comments. What do you think of them?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

tiny things

I got this toy? gadget? from a friend. Do you know that what it is? It's a toilet. When the lid opens, a small face goes up and start to sing, of course in Japanese. Probably it sings "I did a huge poo, I'm refreshed, It'll be a nice day today." Until now when students open the entrance door, they find it, they open the door and burst into laughter.

I found a mantis on the gate. Now it is getting cold.Unconsciously I talked to my self "Are you OK?"

Not a tiny thing, they are long things. They a vine of sweet potatoes. Did you know that they are editable. I didn't know it. A woman who is into natural life told me. I cooked them into KINPIRA ; I grilled them quickly with soy sauce and SAKE. YUMMY!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yuzu Kosyou

Once a year I introduce "the" yuzu kosyou, my friend makes.

Also this year the yusukosyou appeared. Thanks of everyone, her yusukosyou is in the market, though only in this area.
This year it costs 500 yen, it has gone up a little, but it can't be helped. I hope all yuzu kosyou will be sold out.

Well, yuzu is kind of citron, and kosyou means pepper.

My friend plants yuzu and red pepper with her friend in their farm.

They make two types, one is green using young red pepper , the other is red using ripe red pepper.

My husband and I love them. They suit to every dishes; grilled fish, grilled meat, something simmered, soup, and of course rice balls.

Today I simmered GANMODOKI (deep fried tofu) with soy sauce and dashi, and I put the yuzu kosyou on it a little.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Foods in fall

Now we are in fall. It is a good season to enjoy "foods", "art", and sports. (in my dictionary there is no word of sports).

I made Halloween cookies with kids.

I made persimmon jelly for my mother. The day before yesterday she came to stay with us.

I made persimmon jelly with KANTEN (vegetable gelatin) , made rice puddings, and bought ZUNDA (the green one, it made from green peas). And put them into a cup. What do you think of it? Does it looks suitable sweets in fall?

She loves persimmons and ZUNDA.

And finally we got "the " fresh caramel. Probably last year suddenly fresh caramel appeared in the market, and in a short time it is caught a big hit.

My mother-in-law traveled HOKKAIDOU, she couldn't buy it. I went to a department store in this city, but unfortunately I couldn't buy it. Every time they were sold out.

Yesterday by accident we got a chance to get this sweet. (We went to see red and yellow leaves in a mountain, but the road was really congested with traffic, so we gave up to go up mountains. So we got to an outlet earlier than our schedule.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Make meals for myself

The other day I read interesting reports.
The first one is "be impressed by something 10 times a day"
I'm a negative person, I like to quibble, or I like logical thinking ( I know quibbles and logical thinking are completely different.)

Anyway, I agree to it, though it might be difficult to find out 10 impressed things, but try 3 impressed things. And I want to note them, so I went to buy a small notebook at 100 yen shop(1 coin shop)

It's a cute note book, isn't' it? It's 100 yen. ( This is the first thing I was impressed.)
But why can such a cute thing make at 100 yen? --- I don't think about it, I'm not familiar with economy problems.

And another interesting report is that
"Though I was really depressed when my son left home, feeling "no one needs me", I could change the thinking way. Until now I made meals for my family, thinking the health of my family, now I make meals to enjoy my food-life. Do you know that red, yellow, and green foods make you cheer up."

I'm also a simple person. so I made carrot GYOZA. red carrots, and green NIRA.
Beautiful! Healthy! Yummy! (I was impressed 4 times.)
P.S My husband said "they are beautiful, good taste, healthy, but I want to eat usual meat GYOZA at the same time."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October starts

From tomorrow October starts. It means -- "winter" comes.

Now I've already had a slight cold, I'm easily effective by cold, on the other hand my husband still wears short-sleeved polo shirt. So, most people say " it is a nice weather".

It cant' be helped, it is what I am.

What event comes to mind immediately from October? Falling leaves? Halloween? Halloween is getting familiar in Japan. Here and there we can see pumpkin ornaments. At some cities they hold an event "making Jack-o'-lanterns" using American pumpkins. ( It means not Japanese pumpkins, usually Japanese pumpkins are hard and the outside is green. These days some farmers grow American pumpkins for Halloween.)

So I also put some ornaments on the entrance hall. Now my daughters are not with us, but students comes to my house, so I'm able to enjoy Halloween with them.

Can you see the net bag? It is a work. You put into the bag and make any shape as you like.

I call it "a ghost bag", though the artist doesn't agree with this name.

I put some books in my classroom. What books do you recommend on Halloween?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

table topic -2- my memorial thing in autumn about spots

A member talked about SYOUSENKYO, where it was the first place to visit with her husband (she married this spring.)
Well, for me where's the memorial spot in autumn?
Probably it is NIKKO. As I wrote, NIKKO is the famous place for the beautiful colorful leaves. There is a famous steep hill, it is called "IROHA-ZAKA".

There are two hills, one is up-hill, and the other is down-hill. All up there is 46 or so corners that are named after the Japanese characters of the language ; I, Ro, Ha, Ni--(46 hiragana) - kind of ABC(26 letters). Now we use A,I, U, E, O (36 hiragana?)-- but until MEIJI area we used I, Ro, Ha,---.)

IROHA-ZAKA is the first place I went to drive by myself. I got my driver license when I was in the college. Autumn is the best season to drive, and NIKKO is the enough distance to drive from TOKYO. So I drove there and next to me my husband was sitting holding a hand side brake.

Now we are alive, so we got home safely. Since then more than 20 years passed. At that time we couldn't image we would live in TOCHIGI, and driving car is necessary to our life. (In Tokyo driving car is not a necessary thing.) I commuted to the company by car, I pick up my daughters by car. Fortunately I have a gold license even though I'm short-tempered.

Monday, September 22, 2008

table topic -1- my memorial thing in autumn with children

Last weekend I attended at a meeting of Toastmasters Club. A few months have passed since I attended last time. So I was really nervous to tell something in English. But unfortunately or fortunately I was asked to make a short speech about "my memorial thing in autumn with children".

I know, my speech was really bad, so to make my speech better, let me make(write) a speech(diary) here.

As you know, now my daughters are independent of us though not economically. So for me everything that we had in autumn when my daughters lived together is memorial thing.

The word of autumn reminds me colorful leaves at first. To collect colorful leaves in NIKKO was a kind of job in autumn. Correctly we went to pick clear and perfect colorful leaves to NIKKO. NIKKO is really famous for its autumn view with colorful leaves.
Why? It must be your question. They enjoyed making something with them -- drawing pictures with the leaves, making bookmakers, or just watching them as decorations.
I think whey they were in the kindergarten, they drew pictures with colorful leaves. Since then they were interested in making something with colorful leaves. So we went to NIKKO not to see colorful leaves but also collect them.
During the season there is an enormous traffic man in NIKKO. So to escape from it we used to leave home at 4 or 4:30. It means we could get home at 8. So since we got home we used to go to bed again.
Now I seldom get up before five, or I can say I don't need to get up such an early hour in the morning.

So I can say, getting up before dawn in autumn is my memorial thing in autumn.

Additionally this summer my husband got up before dawn on weekends to start golf at the break of day. (The fee of dawn hours is really inexpensive, and unfortunately they have such an inexpensive plan only in the summer season.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fighting with a big pumpkin

A friend brought this big pumpkin to me. Though in your country it is a normal size, in Japan it is huge. It was too big to cut with a knife. So I cut it with a saw. Next I cut the hard skin (not peel), and put them into a big pot. Put some water, SAKE, and sugar and turn on the stove. A few minutes later it was soft and made paste.

Two- thirds of it, I put into some small prastic bags subdividedly. Using the rest of it I cooked soft pumpkin cookies and fried pumpkin daughnuts.

Now I'm planing that I let my students to make pumpkin dumplings at Halloween day's lesson.

Monday, September 15, 2008

ripe Goya

I waited for Goya in my garden to get ripe on purpose. Usually we eat green and hard Goya, the taste is really bitter (and the bitter taste is "Goya" itself).
The taste of ripe Goya gets milder. And it gets soft. So I touch it carefully.
And tempura of ripe Goya is really delicious.

If you have Goya in the garden, please wait for it to get ripe.

This weekend my mother-in-law came here, it was Respect-for-the-Aged Day, though on the other hand my daughters were treated by my mother in TOKYO.

Last Saturday, she came. And yesterday morning her son took her to play golf, and at night I took her to a concert.
She is really active and in good condition, though she often doze off.
We are glad for her to enjoy her life (now she lives in a nursery or senior home)
P.S I don't know how I correct the yellow part.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fathers in their late 40's

Last Sunday I attended a party: thanks for your teaching for long years. My professor retired this spring.
At the party members separated into two groups naturally, one is "syouwa"group and the other is "heisei" group.
Do you know we have names of an era. Now it is "heisai". My elder daughter was born in the last "syouwa" era, and my younger daughter was born in the "heisei" era.
Though I don't have enough knowledge, in the syouwa era there were many changes in Japan, wars (well, in my generation the first half of syowa era is "unfamiliar" world.), the bubble economy, and the appearance of the computer. (The appearance of the car and appliances are in the first half of syowa era, and the appearance of the cellphone is in the heisei era.)

And I was one of two women who graduated in the syouwa era.
So I was talking with "men" in their late 40's at the party.
(Usually people I talk are kids, students, women and a few men in their 60's(neighbors), and my husband.)

Half of them are fathers (it means the half of are single).
They seemed to be---- really ----"tired" from working and daily life.
And probably everybody has something trouble about work, children, and their parents.
So they don't talk about current work, their children, though we talked about our parents because everybody was interested in nursery homes for senior people.

Last year I attended an alumni& alumnae meeting of my high school. There I was talking with talkative women with full of pep. They talked about their hobby, work (half of women were shingle) , children (even though they have troubles.)

So what were we talking about?
memorial happenings at the laboratory at that time, computers, deg ital cameras,--- and so on.
Everybody seemed to miss that good old days.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall comes

A few days ago I wrote --"fall is just around the corner." And now, fall has started. Because early mornings and nights are really "cold". So everybody seems to be difficult to adjust to the temperature. All of my adult students (only 4) have caught a cold, so they don't come this week. To be honest, I've have a slight colt. So fortunately I have enough time to take a nap in the day.

Fall is called like that it is for eating, it is for reading, it is for art&music, it is for sports.
For y husband and me every season is for enjoy eating.

I don't like doing sports (I know I have to do).So today I tried to be a artist, I made some props for my students.I made toadstools and a rafflesia; can you recognize them as toadstools and a rafflesia?Today I showed the rafflesia to some students.

They understood "Oh, that's something stinky"
I'm going to use these props in falls lessons.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My garden

Yesterday, I weeded a little. These days we had lots of rain, thunder and lightning. So it was a good reason for escaping weeding (and I often went out almost all day long.)
Anyway we feel fall is coming.Wild lilies are blooming, SYUKAIDOU (small pink flowers) are also blooming.
I cut (or pulled out) lots of SHISO leaves (they are a kind of weeds), and make SHISO juice.
Though fall is just around the corner, we have some GOYAs still now. This year, it seemed to be "GOYA's summer". I got "many" GOYA
s from here and there. To be honest, that's enough.But MOTTAINAI (I can't throw them away, What a waste!)So this morning I made Goya spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Monday, September 01, 2008

August has gone and Sepetember has started

August has gone but we are still in the "humid" summer. Fortunately it is not so hot today.

Last week end, or the day before yesterday "the concert" was finished with success.
What is "the concert"?
Our concert; my friends and my husband&Mieko held a concert.
The title was "a collaboration between Jazz & English picture books".

English teller; Mayuka Habbick (She is a little bit famous English trainer in Japan)
singer; Naomi Iwamoto
bass & piano & MC ; Mieko & her husband ( He doesn't like to put his name on this blog)

The tea room was filled. After the concert everyone looked satisfied.
Now, the lilies' scent permeated our living room.
Yesterday I was in TOKYO and participated in a debating session for junior high school students.
The theme was "did ants evolved into bees? or did bees evolved into ants?"
It has another meaning "do you want to be an ant? or do you want to be a bee?"
My first answer or wish was "I want to be a bee, because if I were a bee, I could fly, I could see all around the world".
But listening to the session, my thinking way was changed little by little.
Bees use their stings to protect themselves, and after they sting someone they also die.
Ants can live steadily.
The MC said, women tend to want to be a bee, they often said "the life is once", on the other hand men tend to want be an ant "steady life is important. Adventures are not all of the life".
What do you think of it?
(Sorr, there were (are) too many mistakes)

Monday, August 25, 2008

30 years passed, and 20 years passed

Yesterday we(my husband and I) weto to an concert, Yamashita Yousuke piano concert? Have you heard of him? He is a famous Jazz pianist. He came to a small pribate concert hall. The hall was built last April, after the owner retired. It mease he used his retirement allowamace to built this hall and to buy a piano of steinway. He is a big fan of Yamashita Yousuke.

And my husband was used to be a big fan of him, he often went to a live house.

30 years passed since he went to listen to his live piano.

Well, do you know? We (my husband and I) were members in the Jazz club in the unviersity, at that time, we often went to Jazz concerts together.

And yesterday 20 years passed since we went to a music consert together, without daughters, or our mothers.

This winter we are going to held a concert in this hall.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

usual days have started

My mother-in-law, my mother, and my daughters & their friends all left. Now there are two (old) people in this house. And usual days have started again.
My husband and I can have breakfast together, but I have lunch and dinner alone. It's troublesome to cook everytim, so I make my lunch& supper box early morning. I have 40 minutes between an evening class and a night class, so I don't have enough time to prepare my supper.)
This week end we are going to go to a concert of YAMASHITA YOUSUKE who is a famous Jazz pianist in Japan.
It is an unbelievable thing. Because he comes to a private studio, the owner asked him to hold his concert there. And he accepted the offer.
(Well, thanks of the owner, we can listen to the concert at keen prices.)
Why such a famous pianist comes? Is he a friend of the owner?
No, but the owner is a big fan of the pianist, and he always chased the pianist, so he went to his concert from north to south in Japan.
Now the owner is retired, and he built his own studion. And he bouhgt a steinway piano. His dream is to hold a concert of the pianist.
And the dream is coming true.
Additionaly, thanks of his favor ? or his wife might have intereset to us, in December we ( my friend , my husband and I) are going to hold a concert in December.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

everybody came back

Now only two days-off are left, though my daughters' summer vacaion goes on untill September.

Everybody came back with their friends (not boy friends). Today a big firework display is going to be held in this city. I'll let them take a watermellon, so now I put the watermellon in the bathtub to cool it.

The watermellon is called "YOICHI SUIKA", yes, it has a bland name. They are grown in the next city? villege?. Yesterday my friend brought it to see our daugthers.

They are fine.

And I forgot to say an important thing.

Now my gumes completly got well.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Anyway it is too hot, too humid and we have much thunder and ligntuning every evening or night. We are actaully in the summer.
This week my husband has one-week-off.
So the first half my mother-in-law, and my mother came to stay with us.
My mother-in-law is over 80. And one her hobby (she has lots of hobbies) is playing golf, on the other hand for this vacaiton my husbaand goes to play golf early morning. (because sunrise golf is really cheap). She also went to paly early morning golf. They got up "3", and left home "3;30", and came home "9;30". Of course when she came back to our house, she took a long nap.
My mother's hobby is "eating". So my mother and my family (eating is common hobby in our family) went to (took the trouble to go) KAWAGOE to eat eels.
We love eels, not dragon rolls. UNAHYU--eels &rice.
My husband ate 2 layers eels.
My daughter ate eel and soup rice.
Other members ate normal UNAJYU.
Well, his days-off are only three days including this weekend.
From this evening our daughters are coming back with her friends.
It means he turns into a chauffeur, and I turn into housemaid.
The busiest summer vacation is starting.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

pumpkin noodles

I got intereseting pumpkins(squashes?). They are called "SOUMEN KABOCHA". I heard it for the first time. "Soumen" means Japanese thin noodles usually we eat in summer, Kabocha means pumpkins or squashes.
I tryed to cook according the owner's instructions.
At first I peeled thickly and cut them into about 4 pieces.
Take the seeds out.
I boiled the water, and boil the pumpikins for about 3 minutes until the colors turned thick yellow.
I put them into cold water, suddenly they parted naturaly.
I drained the water,
Are you surprised? I'm really rusrpised. Yellow noodles came out.
The taste is--- plain, tasteless, but looks coolish , beautiful and "fun".