Monday, March 30, 2015

A certain cafe

Last Sunday, I attend a Toast Master's meeting after so long. And I made a speech.
In Toast Master's meetings, if you make a speech, the aim if the speech is set every time. In my case the aim of this speech is to enjoy audience introducing your real experience.

So I introduced a certain cafe, though I didn't tell about it I wanted to keep the cafe as my secret cafe.
On the other hand introducing the cafe I love and I happened to find is a little bit exciting because it's interesting how the audience will shows their reaction to me.

I know some people are interested in cafes but others, especially men, are not so interested in cafes.
After my speech if the male audiences  show their interests to the cafe I introduced  --- I would be happy.  --- And to tell the truth "I made it".

I tried the same thing to my readers. (The speech is done in Japanese, but here I have to write the contents in English.)

 A certain cafe is in the countryside of Utsunomiya. It takes about 30 minutes from the center of Utsunomiya.
So even if you like cafe, without a big interest you won't go there.

In the cafe they served a really good quailty of coffee. Here in Utsunoyima there are some famous coffee shops where they use Store-Roasted coffee beans. (Actually Karaku I play the piano once a month is one of them.) And the cafe use the beans the master get from a coffee shop.(unfortunately it's not Karaku). So you can enjoy good coffee.

And you can also enjoy listening good music with "good sound".  The master is an audio maniacs.
Though I don't know the detail, the master uses a special audio machine. -- This made Yuki attractive.

And if you are interested in DIY, you should check the walls and other things. The master and his wife have lived there for more than 20 years. And last year he retired. And they decided to open their cafe doing DIY. It is a really cozy and adult-taste atmosphere.

And -- these days wood stove seems to be popular with people who has their own house. And there it has a wood stove  which is dealt with Barmont Catsle. ( I don't know the detail.)  And both the body and chimney are enameled. ( It seems to be very expensive, and there are not so many around Utsunomiya.)

If you are not interested in coffee, audio, house and stove, --- you should go there. Because you can eat NAGOYA-style breakfast.
What is NAGOYA-style breakfast? It is toast with sweet-beans-jam.
(Nagoya is a big city between Tokyo and Osaka.)

AND --- if you are not interested in this cafe, you should go there to talk to the master -- when you would be retired.  The cafe is only open from 7:00 to 11:30 '(during the morning), though it's open on weekends. So if you are retired and have lots of free time, please drop by this cafe -- if you live in Tochigi.

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