Friday, March 27, 2015

A cup of coffee plus extra

You can see the sign oh "TSUTAYA", it's a book store. I went out to buy some notebooks (These days they deal with staionery at book stores, and the stationery are more fancy than the ones sold by convenience stores.).

Though I would excuse at first, I went out around 11:00 before lunch time,---
I was not going to have lunch outside,I was not going to have 350yen coffee at the nearby coffee shop. 

However there is a comfortable coffee shop in the book store. It's ok if I wanted to have coffee outside I will do it.

This time I was going to buy just some note books. Unfortunately  I had some extra money in my wallet.

So I paied more money for the coffee and "sandwiches" than the notebooks.

Yes, I happened to get cozy lunchtime. It's difficult save my pocket money. 

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