Monday, March 02, 2015

A stage play

Yesterday, it was Sunday. It was cold and rainy, so Yuki canceled to go golfing. And he went to see a stage play with me. For him it was the first time to see a play, since he graduated high school. It means he had never seen play acted by theater groups.
I confess to have been a member in a theater group when I was in a elementary school, a junior high school and a high school. The word "confess" sounds exaggerated.
Before I entered into a college, I declared to enter a professional theater group in front of my parents because I loved playing and I wanted (probably) to be against my father. So one day I went to a professional theater to take the entrance exam. However--- I didn't have balls of brass to go into a play word shifting away a mainstream of life ( at that time I thought going to usual college was a mainstream of life.)
Three months later I went to preparatory school to go to a "usual" college. I didn't directly go on a college, it takes one year.

In Tokyo there are many professional and armature adult theater groups. On the other hand here in Utsunomiya there are a few armature theater groups though some member in the groups are professional and play as a member of a professional theater group in Tokyo.  Additionally it is only one group to have their own theater.

Yesterday it was a festival day focused on such theater groups. All theater groups in Utsunomiya showed their stage play in turn at Utsunomiya Cultural hall which is a public hall.
All of players were are full of life, so we could bask in lots of "cheer beam", which means they cheer all audience up by their powerful plays.

At first I wrote "Yuki and I" went to see it, it means the lunch was RAMEN. I don't like RAMEN very much, however the restaurant we visited yesterday was very good, they served my favorite thin noodle, and salty soup. It was delicious.

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