Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Breakfast at a cafe

This morning Yuki and I went out for breakfast at a cafe which is in more rural area and open from 7:00 to 11:30. (It means only in the morning.) Today Yuki went to Tokyo, so On the way I took him to the Utsunnomiya station, I decided to"drop by" this cafe. To tell the truth, it's an absolutely opposite direction. Anyway I had to drive a car, so it was a good excuse to have breakfast outside.

The cafe was actually open. It was already warm by this wood stove.

We ate sweet bean paste with toast. 
This style is popular in Nagoya which is a big city between Tokyo and Kyoto.
 This cafe is managed by a senior couple. His wife often goes to Nagoya, and she is into this breakfast style with sweet bean paste with toast. So they decided to serve this breakfast.

This cafe is modified from their house by mainly the husband's DIY. However probably he had been thinking to open a cafe after he retired. The stove has been used for more than 20 years, so it is not bought for this cafe, it is a kind of their life style. These days wood stoves are becoming popular, however 20 years ago, they were not so popular in Utsunomia. Of course it is a reason why they got the wood stove when they had this house built. The wife was born in Hokkaidou, where wood stoves are popular. However keeping a wood stove is not so easy, through the stove Yuki and I felt their unique lifestyle.

Well, well, as you know we? or I love cafe.
And Yuki and I are thinking about our retired life.

It might be good to open a cafe, open a live house, open a gallery.
Who cooks every day? who cleans everyday?  --- And who gets up early everyday?

This time what was surprised us was that they has kept getting up early even since they started their retired life.

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