Monday, March 23, 2015

One day trip in Utsunomiya

For  about one week our daughter and grand daughter (M & A) was staying with us.
Now A crawls on her "tummy" (she can't crawl on her hands and knees yet.) And she loves to go out like --us.
Last week  Yuki was with us only the Sunday, and it was the day the two of M & A had to go back to Tokyo.  It was sunny, so we went out by car and drove around Utsunomiya.

First we went to a big supermarket, and M was shopping while Yuki and I were taking care of A.
Next we went to a bagel shop in the suburbs (the bagels of which are our favorite) and had lunch near the shop. They accepted A kindly. It was OKONOMIYAKI restaurant. Usual OKONOMIYAKI looks like pancake, this time we ate OKONOMIYAKI with noodle.

Then we went to a temple which is famous for UME blossoms. It is the season of UME blossoms. (then the season of cherry blossoms will come soon.)
When we visited this temple, M was a baby. At that time we took Yuki's parents. It is a good place for elder people and babies together to enjoy nature. There are not so many people, people don't need to walk a lot.

Then we went to a department store near the Utsunomiya station.  While Y and I were having tea, M was able to browse in the department store.  Then M and A went back to TOKYO.
we didn't go back home soon, next Yuki started to browse in a electric shop --- And he decided to change the optical communication system of our house. 
So at the same time M & A arrived their house in TOKYO, we arrived our house.

To tell the truth, browsing a electric shop is not fun for me, however, thanks of it, I didn't have a lonely feeling. I had a usual complain to Yuki, this feeling is better than loneliness.


Helen said...

I think I like browsing the electric shops more than my husband does! I like to look at all the new cooking equipment, the cameras, and the music gear. I never buy anything, but I like to look.

Our local okonomiyaki shop makes it with soba or udon, so I'm used to that style. I like it with udon, my husband likes it with soba.

Lucky you having a bagel shop nearby. I love bagels. Our grocery store is sold out by the time we go in the evening, so I rarely eat them nowadays.

It's a little too early for ume up here, but my husband says it will be soon!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, the OKONOMIYAKI with noodle is called Hiroshima-Yakima. And this one we ate was fuschu-Yakima, which is special one go hiroshimayaki. It includes torero-KONBU.