Monday, March 16, 2015

Pollen allergy

Are you suffering pollen allergy?
Here in Japan recently many people (more than half of Japanese) are suffering pollen allergy.
Of course I am, my daughters are, and--- my husband is not.
My younger daughter and I take medicine, my elder daughter doesn't do it.

Even though the suffers take medicine, some people take mild medicine and it doesn't work enough.  Because taking strong medicine often makes them feel sleepy.
In my case I take mild medicine and Kampo (herbal Chinese medicine).

And I take yogurt and Natto every day.
I heard taking bacterai has effect. So I have yogurt-bacteria, and Natto-bacteria. I think becaus of them Yuki doesn't suffer pollen allergy, and I don't need take strong medicine.
The important thing is that you should change the kinds of yogurt and Natto. taking various kinds of bacteria is important. So while I keep making homemade yogurt using keffia bacteria, I sometimes buy Matzoon yogurt.
And of course I buy vairous kinds of Natto.

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