Saturday, March 07, 2015

The writer is 74 years old.

This is a  comic book I bought recently. Since I became an adult ( though I don't know when  the time of being an adult started ) I haven't bought comic books for myself.
The writer MITSUHASHI CHIKAKO is a woman who is now 74. 
The title is CHISANA KOI NO MONOGATAI, probably a small love story.
Can you see the number of 43? This is the 43 book in a series, and the final book. Since the write was 21 years old, she had continued to write this story. The main characters are two high school students, the boy is tall, cool and smart, on the other hand the girl is very short, and --- an averaged high school girl. It is a kind of four-frame cartoon. The writer is good at poem, and she loves HAIKU-world, this comic book is famous for not only the story but also the poems.

When I was a high school, or junior high school student, I didn't like to read the book, even though they were really popular among girls, because I was so insolent and sharp that I looked down the poetic and pure world.

I didn't know that this story had continued for more 50 years. And at last the final book was published this winter. I bought one, and it was the first time to read all pages. Even in the final book the characters are still high school students. The mother of the girl whose name is Chicchi wears KIMONO, it looks strange nowadays, on the other hand she is allergic to pollen, such symptom must have not appeared in those days. High school students talk on the phone instead of their cell phone, on the other hand they wear current outfit. In the book the old times and current time are mixed. It's fun,
And of course the pure and simple love stores are continued, I read this book on one go with smiling.
It made me relieved,and I'm nostalgic for my old days.
If I were more biddable, I must have become an different adult though I'm I.
To be surprised, even Yuki read this book, of course it is the first time and the last time.
This book gave  us nostalgic feeling when we were old. ---- Since we knew each other , 35 years have passed.

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