Sunday, August 28, 2016

A sushi restaruant

Last week a new sushi restaurant opened nearby. It's not a conveyor-belt sushi bar. It's traditional sushi restaurant. And actually it "was" a good-quality restraint. -- it means, yes, we went there.
There we can also take other dishes in addition to Sushi at reasonable price.

This is little fish with eye == (I know a friend doesn't like it)

And we ate the seasonable fish "sanma" this year for the first time.

Of course we ate Sushi. It was a good quality,  and compared to other "traditional sushi restaurants"  probably they serve at a reasonable price.

And the biggest advantage is  -- Yuki can drink there, because we can walk there.
We are happy to enjoy cuisine around here easily.
On the other hand the disadvantage is  --- I have to balance our house budget more severely.
Having dinner at a traditional sushi restaurant is one of our luxury diet.


Rosa said...

Looks delicious! Good for your taste buds, bad for your wallet though.

What is the name of the little fish with eyes? Is it "shirako"? I used to find it dried in Ameyoko and it is really good over rice with shoyu. It was my favorite "bimbo" meal!

Mieko said...

You are right. The name is Shira-uo. Shira means white, and uo means fish. Shirako is a kind of fish eggs.
Dried one is called chirimen jyako, or shirasu. They are another kind of fish. Yes it is often used as a topping on the rice or something.
The big type is called "zako" or "kozakana" ( including all kinds of small fish). Dried zako is used to make soup stock.

Rosa said...

I see! Now I understand. Thank you for your answer. :)