Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At home

Thanks to the typhoon or because of the typhoon, yesterday I stayed home all day without doing something.
I blended in some aroma oils and made up.
We used some aromas for softener, bug repellent, sweat, air fresher and swelling of foot (or aching muscle) .

After doing it, I take a bath with black salt and a kind of aroma oil.---

with facial mask.

And I tried to take a nap in the bed, however yesterday the big typhoon caused many cancels, it means some of my fries were "free", and they called me. So while I was in a bed, I was talking with friends on the phone --- probably for three hours. (two friends called me in turn.)
And because of typhoon Yuki went back very earlier from Tokyo.
So we had dinner together at home.
Today I'll go to Tokyo to see my daughter's individual exhibition  -- with these rice balls.
This summer I (or we) used money than I expected, so I "try" to save money without having lunch at Ginza.

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