Monday, August 22, 2016


Typhoon is coming, so I canceled visiting Tokyo.
Probably I'll go tomorrow. This week my elder daughter holds her individual exhibition in Ginza. And today Yuki is at Tokyo, so "we" were going to see her exhibition together. So we will see it each other.
On the other hand last Friday we went to GINZA to meet our young friend. He stayed with us here in Utsunomiya when he was young. He is Turkish. Three years ago he came to japan  to work, and this September he is going to go back to Turkey. We wanted him to stay with us again, but we had a happening, so we couldn't arrange  the schedule. So we went to see him in Tokyo.
We had dinner at a Turkish restraint in Ginza which he recommended.
It was the first time to have Turkish cuisine.
Do you know that Turkey is  the origin of yoghurt. In all dishes yoghurt is used very well as a secret ingredient.
Of course we had the typical dish "shish kebab".

And "I" enjoyed belly dance.

I've heard of the word "belly dance", however it was the first time to see it and to do it.
Thanks to him we had a good time in Ginza.

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