Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obon vacation

On 15 Thursday  my son-in-law's mother passed away. She was 67 years old. After my daughter married him three years ago, she had been caught by cancer. At that time she was told that she would have one year live, however she had fought cancer for three years. She lived in Sendain where it is 250 km north of Tokyo, alone. Her only son who is my son in-law and my daughter live in Tokyo. So, she fount cancer almost alone.

Her first grand daughter was giving her the power to live. And she ran a big beauty salon, it was also something to live. Actually until a week ago she was at her beauty salon.

Since Akari was born, she came to my house once a month, one reason was that my daughter visited her mother-in-law, but Akari always cried in the hospital, so I and sometimes my husband and I were taking care of Akari. Here Utsunomiwa is in the middle between Sendai and Tokyo.
Thanks to her we often saw Akari,

During this Obon vacation Akari had to stay with us for three days without her mother. Of course it was the first time for her. She made it. Sometimes she cried, but when I said 'mom was in hospital', she stopped crying.

The busy and sad week has almost finished. On the other hand thanks to her we had good time with Akari, though it was a little hard job.
I'm sorry for her loss.


Helen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss. It sounds like she fought really hard and was a very strong woman.

Mieko said...

Helen thanks for your comment. Yes, she is a very strong woman and unique (in a good meaning). There are still something troublesome, however the young couple will manage to do them together.

Rosa said...

I'm so sorry. Cancer is terrible.

It's good to try to find "the silver lining" (something good about a bad situation, from the saying, "Every cloud has a silver lining") about getting to see your granddaughter more.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Rosa.
For her buying clothes for her grand daughter was most enjoyable thing. So Akari always wears brand-name clothes, although Akari's parents including her son wear ordinal clothes. Of course Akari don't understand what kind of clothes she is wearing.