Thursday, August 18, 2016

one day vacation

Today, it is only day for us to do nothing. Tomorrow we are going to Tokyo to visit our friend.

Finally (if you are foreigners, probably it's hard to understand why I used the word finally. ) we had eel.

During summer on  Japanese calendar  we have eel-day once or twice. However this summer we missed the day and didn't eat eel yet.
So finally we ate eel. This eel is Japanese eel, not Chinese eel, so it's a little bit expensive.  So we had a luxury time today.

And while Yuki went practicing golf , I had 100-minute massage. What a wonderful time it was.

Well my power seems to come back -- a little.


Rosa said...

Japanese eel is *so* delicious! I never understood why it's a summer food in Japan, though. It's oily so it seems like it would be a good winter food.

Mieko said...

Do you know there are two cooking ways in Japan. In Kantou area they first steam eels, and grilled, so it's not so oily and soft. In Kansai, they grilled direct, so it's a little bit oily and little bit hard. and probably eels grow up in summer. so we "believe" the best season to have eel is summer. of course we can eat eel in all season.