Wednesday, August 03, 2016


I went to the movie alone, and watched  Sazanami. (45 years) .
I prefer the title of Sazanami this time. Sometimes the Japanese titles sound strange, however this time the title of 45 years is "direct", on the other hand Sazanami is very emotional title.
Sazanami means "ripple".
The mind of the main character has rippled since a letter reached to her husband.
It was a good movie.
In my opinion I prefer the movie which finishes with smile, this movie --- unfortunately it is finished with rippling (it doesn't show a concrete ending.)
And I realized 45 year marriage sometimes is broken by a sudden "small" event.
And I knew a culture.
In America or Europe? senior couples celebrate their 40-year marriage  with "friends" not their family. In Japan we have KINKONSHIKI which is a celebration to celebrate 50-year marriage. However usually it is celebrated by their family. ( I don't know whether my daughters will celebrate our KINKONSHIKI in 20 years.)
 GINKONSHIKI is a celebration to celebrate 25-year marriage. We didn't celebrate it, and probably my daughter didn't know when it came.


Helen said...

I just saw 45 Years last month and I loved it. I thought it was such a deep movie. It really didn't have a happy ending, did it?

We often celebrate "big" anniversaries too, 10 years (these days 10 years is a big deal!), 25 years, 50 years and 60 years too. Forty years, like they planned to celebrate in the movie is quite an unusual length of time, but maybe they had other things to celebrate that year too. Then, of course one of the characters had a health problem so they had to postpone.

I also saw the film Spotlight (in your picture) and liked it a lot. It was based on a true story, good acting but a difficult story. The other one, Magical Girl, I don't know. :-(

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Helen. I wavered between 45 years and spot light. However in the morning on weekdays, any can see 45 years at 1000 yen. (Because it is a local theater and to attract people they screen some movies at 1000 yen called morning service film in the morning on weekdays.
However including you, some friends recommend me see Spotlight. So I might go to the theater again this Sunday --- it costs 1500 yen (it usual costs 1800 yen, however I have a coupon .