Thursday, August 04, 2016

Talking about politics

To tell the truth I'm no good at politics all at, additionally I was really weak at social studies and it was one of the reasons why I went into Sciences.

However the other day I "had to " talk about politics in an online-English class.
The article on the day was "Tokyo Elects First Woman Governor ". The article itself was not difficult.

However, as the discussion started , I got stuck.  My English was really bad, probably what I was talking must have been Greek to the teacher.
And if I had talked about it in Japanese, it would have been Greek to others and even to me. (Chin-pun-kan-pun in Japanese)

So here I'd like to put my thoughts together. (which means, I try to think about this article more deeply) 

1 Many politicians promise to “clean up” politics and fail to do so. Do you think that voters still respond to this kind of message? Why or why not?
2 Why do you think that many politicians are involved in corruption scandals?
3 What is your opinion about the Olympic Games?
1, I hope we still try to believe someone "cleans up" our politics.
Because --- though in Japan's case, I believe Japanese people have originally humility and prefer a steady life to an adventurous life . Because our origin was agricultural people. Peace and "simplicity and fortitude "  (shitsujits gouken in Japanese) split underlie .it means there must be some politicians who won't be seduced by money and an appetite for glory.

2 of course politicians do not have bad manners do not behave badly either. On the other hand because of the Internet just a small accident tends to be reported quickly and get blown up.
Additionally, the number of people who show their interest to a tiny thing is increasing. I don't know why? We see a decline in ethics on the both sides which people who cause scandals, and who make fun of scandals.

3 Anyway I hope to keep hold Olympic Games with fairness. It can't be helped that Olympic Games play commercial roles. People can't do anything without "suitable "money. And I hope Olympic Games are not used as a part of means of politics. Just they should be hold to seek the peace world.

I tried to put my thought together. It was very difficult. because I couldn't come up with anything concrete , associated with my real life.

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