Monday, August 08, 2016

This weekend

This Sunday I was alone. So I went to a concert by myself to seek for coolness.
I thought that I might felt loneliness to go to Sunday's concert by myself. However than I expected people who come by themselves were not fewer.
This band members are all pro musicians, and usually are connected with Tochigi prefecture. This band is run by supporting members such as Tochigi prefecture, some companies. 

Probably it was the first time to listen to Swan Lake without ballet.

I didn't notice "dora" is used in this tune.
Can you see the  big round instrument in the back of the stage?
I don't know what dora is in English.

It was a good time. After the concert, Yuki picked me up, so I dropped by at a conveyor-belt sushi to seek for coolness and prevent a lack of appetite. (It's a good excuse not to cook at home).


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