Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A workshop with a dictionary at a used bookshop

Though in 1 and half hours a work shop will start here, last Tuesday I joined in another workshop.
Once a month I visit a used book shop (and café) with my collection of English picture books.
The books in the photos are the books for June.

On the day I visited a work shop was hold. "Enjoy Japanese with a Japanese dictionary".
If you are students, probably you often use some dictionaries.
In my case, actually because I even study English, I always use electronic English dictionaries, however I seldom use Japanese dictionaries, especially paper dictionaries. When I need to look up Japanese words, I "google" Internet.

At night I joined the event with "my younger daughter's Japanese dictionary" which was used when she was a junior high school student.
It is the only one paper Japanese dictionary in my house.

First, just I opened the dictionary and picked a word. 

KORIKOU which means clever but a little bit tricky.
I laughed at myself. It is "me".

Well, as you know I study English, so I look for a KATAKANA word.
KURE-MU  it comes from claim. As you see the English word is also introduced.  However the mean is make a complaint. The English original meaning is changed.

And, my major was industrial chemical, though it was in the past. So I look for an chemical word.
To be surprised the chemical formula is introduced.

Using dictionaries, browsing dictionaries, we (there were three attendee) talked a lot.
It was a good time.
It is sometimes  good to "read" dictionaries. 

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