Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Before my mother coming

This week my mother is going to come --- if she is in good condition.
Probably I'm going to pick her up at TOKYO station ( it means I'll go to TOKYO by grain from Utsunomiya early morning) and come back with her by SHINKANSEN (bullet train).
And probably when she goes back to Tokyo, Yuki will give her  a ride and probably we'll also visit Yuki's mother on our way home.

Anyway I cooked pre-cooked dishes.

And, just a few minutes ago, our elder daughter T came here on her car (It means she drove her car from Tokyo to Utsunomiya, of course it was the first time)

She joins a group exhibition here in Utsunomiya. She has to carry her works in to Tobu department, so She came here earlier than my mother.
And my mother, of course will come here to see the exhibition.

---my unusual week has started.

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