Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Discarding 10 things

 I still continue  discarding 10 things once a week .  

The brown one is TATAMI mat. I got it from a TATAMI- shop for free. because it is just the fringe of TATAMI. so it doesn't work as TATAMI. At that time I thought I was going to use it for something. But until now I haven't used it.
This time in according wit "konmari" method, I handled it (it's important to have the items with hands once)  and made sure it didn't spark.
And I also discarded other 9 things.

And I also discarded other 10 things.
I subscribe the newspaper, and when a news letter is inserted, I always do this.
--- I donate something.
This time the company collected kids clothes and stationery. So I donated "Ah-chan"'s clothes and some unused stationery.

In Aiken I saw recycled boxes for clothes at street. I thought it was a good idea. Here in Japan recycled box for cans, bins, and paper are here and there, however the ones for clothes are not seen at street.

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