Monday, June 12, 2017

hydraingea jelly

As I told you, last Tuesday two women came and enjoyed talking about TSUYU (mainly in Japanese and sometimes in English)
And instead of making crafts we made ---

And we also arranged "konpeitou"-candy like this.

Next morning, I served the jelly for our breakfast.

It was the activity of last Tuesday.
This Tuesday I go to KARAKU as a pianist.

Currently I seem to be a little bit busy, though I don't like the word busy.
I don't have many things, however some new errands (visiting my mother, calling to my mother, etc) are added, and I'm being pursued by preparing for my activities .
Anyway, after this I have to practice the piano for tomorrow, and have to go to the bank before it closes.
(which is faster??? going to bank is the first thing???)

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