Monday, June 05, 2017

Monday has started

Monday has started with lots of chores.
This weekend I visited my mother in Tokyo, so I didn't do usual weekday chores.
So As I got up, I started doing them.

First I cooked pre-cooked dishes for this week.
The top of picture is Tofu biscuit.

I got these carrots. The main is "leaves". Probably tempura is the most suitable way to cook them. However yesterday I had no power to make tempura. --- Of course Yuki "can't" do that. And if he tried to do it, I would deny, because it's troublesome to tell him how to cook and how to dispose the oil after that. Today it is Monday so it is the day to take out burnable garbage. It means it was a good day to make tempura yesterday --- but it was troublesome.
So I flash-cooked the leaves and bake them with Tofu and pancake mix.

Next I prepared this for tomorrow.
Tomorrow two ladies are going to come to join in my workshop.
I'll make hydrogen  yoghurt  jelly with them.

Then, I vacuumed the rooms,   and ---- I'll go out to do errands.
Monday has started.


AikenJan said...

What is hydrogen oil and how do you use it? I make many of my everyday products ...laundry and stain, body lotion and Shea butter cream, many types of season mixes for cooking, products for the garden plants, etc. I think it's fun as well as economical. Hydrogen oil might be a new one! Jan

Mieko said...

Sorry, it is my mistake. Yoghurt jelly.
Probably "hydrogen oil" doesn't exist. we try to avoid hydrogenated oil, though.
I'm really surprised you wonderful imagination from my silly mistake.
In one and half year, two ladies come.