Thursday, June 01, 2017

Practice Teaching

I'm not sure whether your country you have this system or not.  I did it when I was a college student . So I had a certificate to teach math and chemistry at high school,  on the other hand I don't have one to teach English at school . I took some official English grade exams  and got enough score  to run this branch school.

Practice teaching, reminds me of my young period , with bitter smile

 On the other hand my junior high school  was a model school for education in Japan 
So they often accept young practice teachers.

The class by a practice teacher, make a racket, in friendly atomsphere 

Untill seven years ago, teaching certificates user to be permanent, but now ithey aren't. So probably my certificate has already expired. One of my friend, when she got 50, decided to become a teacher because she has a certificate to teach music st highs school.and she was hired as a part time teacher, and now she works as a regular teacher at high school. She is as old as me. Once I thought I would work as a math teacher at high school, but , as you know I keepthis English school,

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