Friday, June 02, 2017

Satoyama festival

Though this week end is coming, I'm writing about last weekend.
Last weekend, we went to SATOYAMA festival.
Satoyama is Japanese, I don't know such word exists in your country.
Sotoyama is traditionally an area where farmland meet forests.
This festival is hold in Ichikai town where it takes 40 minute drive from my house.
It's not a big festival, very calm but entertaining festival
Why did we went there?
Because --
We know a young (means he is younger than us) farmer. And We are a regular customer of him.
He delivers his vegetables once a week by himself.
And my mother and our younger daughter M ask him to send a box of vegetables twice a month.
In Ichikai, there are some farmers who try to grow their vegetable in organic ways. (Don't ask me what is organic ways, I know they have various understandings. Anyway we know one of them, Kobayashi-kun, and we have visited his farm.)
This time the farmers and some restaurants who supports them held this festival to enjoy themselves.
So it was not advanced well.
So we went to see Mr. Kobayashi. We, We, We, --- though I use the word many times, it means Ah-can also came.
To tell the truth, my mother Hiroko-san also wanted to come, but it was too hot for to come.
Such meals were served.
What a beautiful "turnip" it is.
The same turnip was cooked last week, but---."no problem".

It was "satoama farm " festival.
So some hens also join in --.
After more than 10 minutes passed, finally she gave food to hens.

And she couldn't catch frogs. A men caught frogs and put them in the bucket. -- however she couldn't touch them, just dip her finger into the water  timidly. Can you see she hold her another hand with her mother's.

This Sunday I'll go to Tokyo to see my mother.

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