Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Family precepts of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

My friend sent this photo and asked me what it means.
This is her friend's.

Well, as soon as I have a look, I thought it would be difficult for me to read "too" beautiful letters.
Nowadays, we don't use this type of -- it's not right, I'm not getting used to reading this type of cursive style.
However I read some words, --- and I noticed this might be famous words.
I "googled".
I'm right!

This is Ieyasu Ikun,
Ieyasu is the first shogun of Edo Bakufu.
This words are said to be the last words of Ieyasu.
The reason why I noticed it -- I learned history very much???? no, no, no.

Here in Tochigi, we have TOSYOUGU shrines which are registered as a world heritage site. And they dedicate Ieyasu. I have attended the study meeting about TOSYOGU some times. So I have a little knowledge.
(Additionally one of my friends who were with me at the meeting is now a professional interpreter-guides.)

And the meaning is ---
I also "gooled".

I found it from here.

The Family precepts of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The life of human is just like walking long way with heavy baggage. Never rush.
Stay in inconvenient situation all the time, then you will never feel your circumstance inconvenient. If you have unnecessary desire in your mind, remember when you have nothing but hard situation.
 Patience is the most important for keep everything safe and longer. Anger is the enemy. Thinking of victory all the time and never experiencing to be loser is not only good thing, but also that false ideal will harm your future.
Be responsible all the time for all things. Never blame to other people. Be less is always better than too much.

---well, well, English is easier than Japanese.

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