Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Though usual weekdays have started --

Though usual weekdays have started, though I go to the library to do volunteer reading in 20 minutes, I'm getting irritated a little.
The special weekend was finished. My mother came here after an interval of 3 years. The main object was to see an art group exhibition in Toubu department store. My elder daughter join in it.

And the hidden main object is shoppinb at Toubu department store.

She lives in Tokyo, so there are lots of big department stores.
For the youth shopping something in Tokyo is entertaining, however for my mother who is 83 years old, it gets stress. Because too many people, and too many goods.
Compared to Tokyo, Utsunomiya is not a big city, and not a small city. It is very suitable size for elder people. Actually at Toubu department they target the senior.
So she enjoyed selecting her cane (finally she decided to have her cane), some clothes, and some foods.
Of course she goes shopping in Tokyo to the nearby supermarket.
The goods  and service are different from one at the supermarket. Though the cost is high (but it is low compared to departments store in Tokyo) , she was able to enjoy her leisure time calmly there.

What makes me irritated is --- anyway I have to visit her often to stop her proceeding senile, and release her stress. So I have to struggle my stress.

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