Monday, June 26, 2017

Two art exhibitions

Now it is the last week in June. In the middle of June I visited two art exhibitions.
One is this one textile art exhibition. I got the information from my elder daughter T.
The artist is from Tochigi prefecture, and it was the first time for her to hold her individual exhibition in Tochigi. Probably it was the last day when I visited , so her family were there. Probably her parents seem to be in the same generation as ours. They looked very happy with being there with their daughter.--- On the other hand anyway --- T refuses  (politely) me to accompany with her in any her exhibitions. (I seem too noisy).

And another one is this one.
It was a group exhibition, and there, our elder daughter's works were also displayed.

Fortunately, this time one piece was sold.

Anyway I always root for  the young artists on the side. (well, I don't know whether they are young or not, because both of them are around 30. However they are getting by on making their works.)
I wish I would offer to help sponsor.


AikenJan said...

"I seem too noisy"....I had to laugh. First, the image of you being too noisy is funny! But, it also reminded me of the year my husband, Nick, opened his dental office. Of course, he started with zero patients but his little Italian father (who made a lot of sacrifices to pay for the education) walked all over the town telling people his son just opened a new dental office and they needed to go to him! He was..."too noisy" but a proud father! Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments Jan. "I wish", no "I hope", no --- I'll do that when I gets old more, and when my daughter holds a big individual exhibition and the works are going to be sold quickly I'll accompany with her wearing my wonderful KIMONO. I don't know what clothes Yuki puts on.