Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This is eel.We call this style "UNA-JYU". UNA means eel, and JYU means a square box. It is one of typical Japanese foods. Many Japanese people like tempura and sushi. On the other hand, the people who like UNA-JYU are separated. It means they love UNA-JYU or they don't love (or hate) UNA-JYU. I love UNA-JYU. Some people say why the taste is sweet? I love the sweet taste sauce, on the other hand I don't like sweet-sour pork called SUBUTA, and I don't get used to chicken with fruit sauce.
Yuki likes UNA-JYU, but if he pays same money, he prefers stake. So we seldom have UNA-JYU. Fortunately two other women wanted to have UNA-JYU together, so I had a chance to have eel outside. This is eel, UNA-JYU. That's it. Of course it was delicious and expensive.

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